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March 18 (Monday)

Video Podcast: Stock Market Singing: “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow”
Daily Markets Overview

Market Rebound Reaches Crossroads After Latest Rally (W)
S&P 500 Gains 2.9% for the Week Because Up Is the New Down (BR)
Investing as Globalization Declines (BR)
Looking for Hope in the Rubble of Value Investing (W)

Credit & commodities
Russia will be fully compliant with OPEC-led supply cuts by April, energy minister says (C)
Jim Grant: The Difficult Art of Conjuring Up Yield From Mortgage-Backed Securities (BR)

Central banks
As China Faces Slowdown, Stimulus Will Have Smaller Global Reach (W)
The Federal Reserve Faces a Reckoning (BR)
Fed Could Show Greater Confidence in Extended Rate Pause (W)

Headwinds might turn into tailwinds soon for U.S. economy after shaky start to new year (MW)
Methamphetamine Is Flooding Into U.S., Drug Officials Say (W)

China’s Slowdown Is Worse Than You Thought (BR)

US politics
Trump Vetoes Congressional Disapproval of Emergency Declaration (W)
Pentagon Fails to Provide List of Projects Affected by Emergency (W)
Trump lashes out at GM and Ohio union official, calling for ‘fast’ action to reopen plant (C)
Biden Makes Verbal Slip as He Almost Calls Himself a Candidate (B)
Biden Edges Closer to a Presidential Run (W)
As Beto O’Rourke Soaks Up Attention, His Rivals Appeal for Funds (W)

Geopolitics & terrorism
Trade Fight With China Enters Overtime, With Tariffs a Costly Sticking Point (N)
New Zealand Attack Brings Gun Debate to the Fore (W)

Industries & companies
Aerospace: Ethiopian Airlines crash shows a ‘clear similarity’ with Lion Air accident, official says (C)
Aerospace: After two fatal Boeing plane crashes, the world turned on the US (C)
Aerospace: The Long View for Boeing Shareholders: Don’t Panic (BR)
FAANG: Apple’s Big Spending Plan to Challenge Netflix Takes Shape (N)
Media: Future of Sports Is Interactive, Immersive and Intense (W)

Corporate finance
Lyft will reportedly launch road show for up to $2 billion IPO (C)
Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank Enter Formal Merger Talks (W)

Colleges Rethink Athletic Special Admissions in Wake of Indictments (W)
Want to Earn a Degree in Outrage? Study U.S. Colleges (BR)