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August 12 (Monday)

Predicting what happens next in stocks will get trickier this fall when markets navigate a roller coaster of big events (MW)
Wall Street analysts worry these stocks are caught in the deepening US-China trade war (C)
Investors Ponder Negative Bond Yields (W)
The Bond Market Smells Big Trouble. Where to Hide. (BR)
Fall in Copper Prices Threatens to Drive Metal Shortages (W)

Central banks
Volatility in China’s yuan due to escalating U.S. trade friction: PBOC official (R)
China Is Saving Stimulus for Trade War Winter as Yuan Weakens (B)
China Ex-Central Bankers Warn of Long Currency War With U.S. (B)
Next Recession All On Fed, Not China Trade War (F)
Fed remains a target as economy falls short of Trump’s ambitious goals (R)
Watching, waiting, worrying: Fed and Wall Street sweat out next Trump move on China (MW)

Inflation Stings Prices at Walmart, and Something’s Gotta Give (B)
American companies are no cash-hoarders (E)
The Federal Minimum Wage Doesn’t Really Matter Anymore (W)

Italian Banks, Long a Drag on Europe, Are Making Good on Bad Loans (W)

Can Shinzo Abe change Japan’s basic law? (E)

Geopolitics & trade
Trump Is Making Xi’s Superpower 2050 Plan Tougher by the Day (B)
How to Play the Trade War’s Scary Next Phase (BR)
US-China Trade: Dangerous miscalculations (E)
‘Trump is ruining our markets’: Struggling farmers are losing a huge customer to the trade war — China (C)
Chinese troops must stay off the streets of Hong Kong (E)
Hong Kong’s Protesters Test Riot Police With Cat-and-Mouse Tactics (W)
North Korea says no talks with South due to drills, Kim oversaw test of ‘new weapon’: KCNA (R)

Industries & companies
Autos: Chinese Auto Makers Go Global as Sales Slow at Home (W)
FAANGs: Apple Card Review: The Card of the Future Is No Card At All (W)
FAANGs: Amazon’s quest for constant growth is not leaving it with many friends — except for Wall Street (C)
Logistics: UPS Bets on Amazon, Despite Risk (W)
Tech: Why Yelp is betting on brands like McDonald’s and Starbucks to help save its ads business (C)
Tech: These health-tech veterans want to avert the next Theranos disaster with ‘medical diligence’ (C)

Corporate finance
Saudi Plans for Biggest-Ever IPO Are Back On (W)
Broadcom Makes $10.7 Billion Deal to Buy Symantec’s Corporate-Focused Security Business (W)