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September 7 (Saturday)

Wall St. barely gains after mixed U.S. jobs data (R)
U.S. Junk Bonds With Negative Yields? Yes, Kind of (W)

Central banks I
Fed chief Powell says trade policy is weighing on investment decisions (C)
Powell says the Fed is not forecasting or expecting a recession (C)
Fed Chair Powell repeats vow to act ‘as appropriate’ (R)
Don’t assume a rate cut is coming this month, says former Fed official (C)
August Jobs Report Will Keep Fed on Track to Cut Rates (W)

Central banks II
China’s Central Bank to Free Up $126 Billion for Lending (W)
Explainer: ECB weighs stimulus options to boost ailing economy (R)

U.S. hiring cools; wages, hours offer silver lining (R)
Modest August Job Growth Shows Economy Expanding, but Slowly (W)

Britain’s Steve Bannon Is Tearing Boris Johnson’s Tories Apart (B)

US politics
More House Republicans Ask: Why Win Re-election When You Can Retire Instead (N)
Opinion: This economy is just like the one Trump ran against in 2016 — except one thing (MW)

Geopolitics & trade
U.S.-China trade conflict could take years to resolve: Kudlow (R)
Why U.S.-China Supply Chains Are Stronger Than the Trade War

Industries & companies
FAANGs: States to Launch Google, Facebook Antitrust Investigations (W)
FAANGs: Facebook Rolls Out Dating Feature in U.S. (W)
FAANGs: Big Tech’s Hands-Off Era Is Over (W)

Corporate finance
WeWork’s List of Potential Conflicts Adds to Questions Ahead of IPO (W)
Buyout Firms Seek to Acquire Symantec for More Than $16 Billion (W)

Death toll rises from mysterious lung illnesses linked to vaping, prompting CDC to sound alarm on e-cigarettes (C)
India Loses Contact With Chandrayaan-2 Mission During Moon Landing Attempt (N)