wiar 09-16-19

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September 16 (Monday)

Dow set to lose more than 100 points on fears spiking oil will slow the global economy (C)
Brent crude oil jumps 13% after drone strikes disrupt Saudi crude production (C)
Junk Debt Sends Early Warning Signals (W)
Strong U.S. Dollar Prompts Speculation of Trump Intervention (W)

Central banks
Are Central Banks Losing Their Economic Clout? (BR)

‘Very difficult’ for China’s economy to maintain 6% growth: Premier Li (R)

US politics
2020 Democrats call for impeachment of Justice Brett Kavanaugh after new misconduct allegation (C)
New Report on Kavanaugh Reopens Debate (W)
Judges Say They Aren’t Extensions of Presidents Who Appointed Them (W)

Geopolitics & trade
Trump authorizes release of oil from strategic petroleum reserve after Saudi attacks (C)
Saudi Arabia reportedly aims to restore one-third of lost oil output by Monday (C)
Iran Rejects U.S. Accusations Over Saudi Oil Attacks (W)
Why China and the U.S. Face Similar Pressures to Resolve Trade Tensions (BR)
‘It’s not a free market’: These manufacturers say tariffs help level the playing field with China (C)
Kim Jong Un Invited Trump to Visit Pyongyang, South Korean Media Reports (B)

Industries & companies
Autos: UAW calls strike against General Motors for first time since financial crisis (C)
FAANGs: Apple is becoming a camera company (C)
Logistics: FedEx Reports Earnings Next Week. Here’s How to Play It. (BR)
Railroads: Railroad Stocks Could Run Out of Steam (BR)

U.S. Targets North Korean Hacking as Rising National-Security Threat (W)

New York Declares ‘Emergency’ Ban on Flavored E-Cigarettes (B)