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September 17 (Tuesday)

Wall Street drops after Saudi attacks, energy stocks spike (R)
Oil prices could go much higher if there is a military escalation after Saudi attack (C)
Oil jumps nearly 15% in record trading after attack on Saudi facilities (R)
Opinion: Why stock investors are overreacting to the Saudi oil attack (MW)

Currencies & credit
Why The Dominant U.S. Dollar Refuses To Go Away (B)
China Is Pitting the Yuan Against the Dollar. So Far, It’s Not Going to Plan. (W)
Banks Warm to Mortgage Bonds That Burned Them in 2008 (W)

Central banks
Expectations suddenly are rising that the Fed might not cut interest rates this week (C)
Don’t expect oil shocks to move the Fed (R)
BOJ Expected to Hold Fire This Week After Fed, ECB Decisions (B)

Attacks on Saudi oil facilities – what will it mean for consumers? (R)

China’s Economy Aches All Over as Beijing Seeks Trade Fix With the U.S. (W)

US politics
Senior U.S. Democrat focused on Trump impeachment, not Kavanaugh (R)
GM Strike Could Test President Trump (W)
Warren Pushes Further Restrictions on Lobbyists (W)
Lawmakers Make Long-Shot Bid to Check Presidential Tariff Powers (W)

Geopolitics & trade
Trump says he’s in no rush to respond to the attacks on Saudi oil facilities (C)
Trump says he does not want war after attack on Saudi oil facilities (R)
Trump’s Suggestion of Iran Strike Raises Bipartisan Alarm (B)
Evidence indicates Iranian arms used in Saudi attack, say Saudis (C)
U.S.-China deputy-level trade talks to begin Thursday in DC: USTR (R)
Trump says U.S. reaches trade deals with Japan, no vote needed (R)
Global Services Trade Also Set To Slow, Says WTO (W)

Industries & companies
Autos: UAW Strike Could Cost GM $100 Million a Day (W)
Financials: JPMorgan Inherited ‘Spoof’ Method From Bear Stearns, U.S. Says (B)
FAANGs: Amazon Changed Search Algorithm in Ways That Boost Its Own Products (W)
Pharma: Factbox: What’s next for OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma (R)

Corporate finance
Antitrust Enforcers Signal Discord Over Probes of Big Tech (W)
WeWork parent pulls IPO following pushback: sources (R)

Why working has become the new retirement (MW)
No One Can Agree on How to Price California Home Insurance for Wildfires (W)