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Jun 25 (Thursday)

YRI video podcast: S&P 500 Tech in 1999 and now.
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Daily Markets

Stock market today: Dow plunges 600 points as Florida sees record jump in coronavirus cases | C
Stocks Fall as Coronavirus Infections Surge | W
Investors shouldn’t get carried away with momentum stocks while this negative pattern persists | MW
Wall Street drops on rising virus cases, weak economic view | R

Central banks
The Fed said it could supply the economy with $2.3 trillion. It hasn’t come close so far | C
Fed Is Reaching Limit on What It Can Do to Lower Mortgage Rates | B
Bankruptcy Is Extra Burden for Some Job Seekers | W

IMF predicts deeper global recession due to coronavirus pandemic | R

Nearly 1.1 million Americans on unemployment face risky jobless period | C
How Coronavirus Upended a Trillion-Dollar Corporate Borrowing Binge and Kicked Off a Wave of Bankruptcies | W
The Urgency of Returning to Full Employment | W

US politics
Senate Democrats Block GOP Policing Bill | W
Trump Campaign Weighs Alternatives to Big Social Platforms | W
U.S. court orders dismissal of case against former Trump aide Michael Flynn | R
U.S. senators question meatpackers over exports to China during pandemic | R
Treasury may consider delaying Tax Day to Sept. 15, Mnuchin says | C

Geopolitics & trade
Exclusive: Trump administration labels Huawei, Hikvision as backed by Chinese military – document | R
Tariffs on European Food Could Expand Under New U.S. Proposal | W

Industries & companies
Autos: Tesla Quality Falls Short in J.D. Power Car Survey | W
Autos: New Ford F-150 to feature integrated generator, over-the-air updates | C
Chemicals: Bayer Reaches $10.5 Billion Settlement Over Weedkiller Roundup | W
FAANGs: Apple Store: Seven Houston, TX stores re-closing due to Covid-19 | C
Financials: Bank stocks may ‘rally powerfully’ once investors realize their concerns are overblown | MW

Virus I
Coronavirus Numbers Are Accelerating Across U.S. | W
WHO warns coronavirus still hasn’t ‘reached its peak’ in Americas | C
California reports more than 7,000 coronavirus cases, biggest daily jump so far | C
Florida reports another record spike in coronavirus cases, up 5.3% in a day | C

Virus II
14-day quarantine: NY, NJ and CT require travelers from states with high coronavirus rates to quarantine | NN
Disney World employees petition to delay reopening | C
Coronavirus: Federal government to end funding some Covid-19 test sites | C
Fauci says in 40 years of dealing with viral outbreaks, he’s never seen anything like COVID-19 | MW

Corporate finance
Dun & Bradstreet looks to raise up to $1.38 billion in U.S. IPO | R

‘Massive’ Forgery Helped Hide $3 Billion Hole in Energy Trader’s Books | W