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August  12 (Friday)

Latest Morning Briefing Executive Summary: Health Care, Earnings & Uncle Sam
Today, Jackie takes the pulse of the S&P 500 Health Care sector, examining the M&A activity that has spurred it to outperform the market ytd and what the Inflation Reduction Act will mean for drug makers. … Also: A look at the 2023 earnings growth prospects of various S&P 500 sectors and industries. … And: How the Inflation Reduction Act aims to buy a greener US. … Plus: What will the newly passed CHIPS and Science Act spend $280 billion on? Lots more than chips.
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Daily Markets Overview
Replay of Dr. Ed’s webinar on August 8.

Stock Rally Fades as Investors Weigh Next Steps on Inflation | W
The Market’s Peak Inflation Story Fights the Fed | W
OPEC Cuts Oil-Demand Forecasts as Economic Growth Slows | W

Column: Deep U.S. curve inversion hastens the recession it predicts | R
U.S. Supplier Inflation Logs Slowest Pace Since Last Fall | W
Gas prices are falling — Here’s why it’s happening and whether it can continue | C
Inflation Cooled in July, Welcome News for White House and Fed | N
U.S. Home Prices Jumped to Record High in Second Quarter | W
US Mortgage Rates Swing Back Up, Hitting 5.22% in Volatile Market | B
Inflation, Soaring Rent Prices From Miami to Las Vegas Has Americans Struggling | B

The Bursting Chinese Housing Bubble Compounds Beijing’s Economic Woes | W

Industries & companies
Energy: How high energy prices are making things better this summer | The Hill
Media: Disney is raising prices, but this time, don’t blame inflation | C

Geopolitics & trade
Xi Sought to Send Message to Biden on Taiwan: Now Is No Time for a Crisis | W
EU Proposes Significant Concession to Iran to Revive Nuclear Deal | W

Beyond markets
New Langya virus infects 35 people in China
Covid: CDC eases guidance as U.S. has more tools to fight the virus | C
U.S. CDC no longer recommends students quarantine for COVID-19 exposure | R